Sudanese American Soccer Federation (SASF)

Sudanese American Soccer Federation

Biggest Sudanese American Tournament in North America

Who We Are

Sudanese America Soccer Federation, is a non-profit organization based in North America that operates as a Amateur Soccer League for children and young adults.

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Our Vision

To create a safe environment for our community and especially the younger generation to ensure that they can grow up in a supportive and safe environment

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Our Mission

To create a cultural pastime event for the Sudanese communities of the United States and to bring everyone together to build a strong relationship for our Diaspora

Participating Teams:

"I would like to thank everyone from the representatives of SASF to our supportive Community. We created SASF with the intention to bring the Our communities of the USA together and to allow all of us to enjoy the sport of soccer because of its importance to our culture which brings us together ,as well as, creating a supportive enviornment for the younger generation and I hope that everyone’s support can allow this organization to continue growing and keep the community connected for a long time. "
Kamal Gafar
SASF President
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